Professional escorts provide their clients with undivided time and attention in return for payment. Their work can range from companionship to sexual services. While you’re working, it’s important to be professional at all times and to operate within the law. Minimize risks by always using protection and leaving any situations where you feel unsafe.

Pick a name for your escort identity. Having a unique name helps to advertise your services effectively and to protect your true identity.

  • You will often be allowed to use a fake name for sexual health procedures so that you can stay anonymous. This helps to further protect your identity and to maintain your privacy.
  • Some first names for escorts are quite common, so it’s a good idea to have a last name too so that your clients can recognize you.

Set up online profile to advertise your services.

Get professional, high-quality photographs taken to promote yourself. The photos that you use play a huge role in your advertising. Look for professional photography services online or ask for recommendations from other escorts. Then contact the photographer and arrange for a session. Before your session, decide whether you are comfortable showing your face in your photos or not.

  • It’s recommended that you get your photos taken by a professional, as they know what lighting, angles, and photography styles to use to portray the image that you want.

Dress professionally and arrive on time to meet clients. Regardless of the type of escorting services that you provide, providing a professional service is key. If you are attending an event with a client, make sure that you ask what the dress code is first so that you know what sort of attire is appropriate to wear. Whether you are meeting the client at their home or in a public space, make sure that you have planned your travel arrangements well in advance so that you aren’t late.

  • For females, long or knee-length dresses are usually best for high rise events. If the event is more casual, try a halter or backless dress. For males, a collared shirt is a good option for most events.

Maintain a polite, professional conduct at all times. How you treat your clients plays a big part in your success as a professional escort. Be courteous, polite, and warm with every client, yet remember to also remain assertive and in control of the situation. Try to build rapport with your clients so that they are more likely to work with you again.

  • Another important part of building a good relationship with your clients is simply listening to them. Many clients will just want to talk and to enjoy spending time with you, with other services having a less important role.

Take payments upfront before you begin working. With any escorting service, it’s important that you are paid before you begin working. Request the payment straight after introducing yourself to the client. If the client does not have the payment or refuses to pay you, leave straight away.

  • It’s best not to wait until after you have finished working, as otherwise, the client may reveal that they don’t have money to pay you.

Remain assertive with your clients and specify your boundaries. It’s important to be entirely transparent about your boundaries with every client before you begin working. Explain the services that you do and don’t provide, the cost for each service, and the length of time that each service takes. Always stick to your own rules and limits, and never let yourself be persuaded or controlled by a client.

  • Never be afraid to say no to a client and always remember that you are the one who has the final say.

Use protection for all sexual services that you provide. Protection is the best way to keep yourself safe while you are working. Always use either male or female condoms depending on the type of service you are offering and use lubricant to help prevent the condoms from breaking. Before you work with any client, do a quick visual examination to check for any signs of STIs such as genital swelling, rashes, or discharge.

Get 3-4 sexual health checks per year to keep yourself safe. It’s important to get checked for STIs regularly so that you can stay healthy, even if you haven’t had unprotected sex. Attend sexual health checks at your local sexual health clinic or doctor’s office and follow any necessary treatment plans.

  • Getting checked 3-4 times per year is only a recommendation.
  • Sexual health checks usually involve blood tests and swab tests.

Take care of your physical health to prevent yourself from getting sick. You need to be physically well and healthy to be a good professional escort. Eat plenty of nutritious food like fruits and vegetables and drink water to stay hydrated. Regular physical activity can also help to keep you in shape and to boost your mood.

Build a network of escorts you trust to maintain your mental health. Escorting can be mentally exhausting or difficult from time-to-time, especially with the associated stigma. Take care of your mental health to ensure that you stay well. Talk to other escorts that you trust and don’t be afraid to take a step back from the industry if you feel like you can’t cope.

  • If you are having serious problems with your mental health that you are struggling to deal with on your own, contact your local sex worker advocacy group for support.

Leave any situation immediately if you feel unsafe. If a client’s behavior is abusive, threatening, or violent, leave the situation as soon as you can safely do so. Similarly, if a client refuses to wear protection, leave the situation. Although you need to reimburse the client’s payment if you leave, it’s best to lose some money and to get yourself safely out of a dangerous situation.

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