We always encourage you to upload more than three photos on your profile, so that your potential date can have an idea regarding your looks and versatility, and you are also encouraged to check all the boxes regarding the escort services you are providing, but some of you tend to overlook the Description section of your profile.

Having a profile without a short description of yourself is like having a business card with just your name and your phone number. No one knows who you are and why to call you! That’s why it’s important to take some time to fill in this section of your profile with some relevant content.

Your “Description” text should be clear, concise, and warm. When starting the description text on your profile you must have these three questions in mind:

  1. What are my skills as a lover?
  2. What are my most enticing personality traits?
  3. What part of my body is the sexiest and offers me extra confidence?

And then you need to answer those three questions in a descriptive text that will make the person reading it want to meet you and spend an amazing time in your company.

Entice him with your sexy looks

Start with your appearance. Are you a curvaceous babe, a BBW, or a slender, fitness loving type of lady? Work with that! Paint an image that will make the one reading your text want to pick up the phone and book you for a date.

If you’ve got some junk in the trunk, tell your date how you can’t wait to feel your sexy booty bouncing up and down his strong manhood. If you have a generous cleavage, invite him to motorboat those playful “ladies”. If you are a fit, slender lady, describe yourself as innocent looking but naughty between the sheets.

Make his imagination run wild, play with his mind and the deal is closed!

Charm your way into his arms

Next, describe your charming personality. Tell him just the things that he wants and needs to hear from a professional escort: that you are a great listener, that you love to pamper and spoil your man, that you are playful and open minded, or on the contrary, if you promote yourself as a dominatrix tell him that you are bossy, naughty and ready to put him in his place. Describe the sexy costumes that you like to wear during role playing games, tell him about your sexy high heels and lace lingerie.

Keep in mind that he is looking for an escape from reality – he is sick and tired of being screamed at, of not being listened, of not being considered manly, strong or funny, and he is looking for a woman that can make him feel all those things once again. Be that woman that brings back his mojo and you’ll turn him into a regular.

Seal the deal with your skills in bed

Now talk about what you are willing to offer as an experienced lover, what your skills are, and how you are eager to turn some fantasies into reality. Name a few of the things that you love most to do in bed, like a sensual massage, deepthroat, 69, anal, role playing and so on. If there are major no no’s on your list, things that you definitely don’t do with your dates, name them also so there will be no awkward moments during your time together.

But most important of all, be honest, don’t mislead your potential date by telling things that are not true about yourself and always talk about things that really are defining you as an escort. This way your date will feel that he got exactly what he was expecting, and so much more.

Give the description a chance, and you’ll see that it will make a difference when it comes to the quality and number of your future dates.